“Panic: When Anxiety Itself Is the Threat”

This blog post is the third in a series of posts that are excerpts from my full length published article, ‘Five Simple Steps To Managing Anxiety’ available for immediate download from my website by this link: http://www.glennburdick.com/anxiety_help.htm

Panic: When Anxiety Itself Is the Threat

Depending on just how threatened a person feels about a situation, the level of anxiety triggered can be anywhere from ‘nagging’ or ‘annoying’ to outright panic. If your survival substances are released but you are not aware of any real danger at the time this can cause you to feel even more alarmed, thus releasing even more of the same. It’s as if the brain says, ‘with all of this fear there must be a real life-threatening danger at hand!”

Some people will fear that this feeling will continue escalating without end, and that they might pass out, or go crazy. Others focus on the physical sensations triggered, such as pounding heart, shallow, rapid breathing, tightness in the chest, feeling dizzy, etc.

Many people head for the emergency room when these sensations are present, fearing a heart attack or stroke is in process. In fact, some experts believe the symptoms of up to 50% of individuals visiting an emergency room concerned that they are having a heart attack are really caused by stress or anxiety and not any serious physical problem.

Everyone has a threshold of anxiety beyond which they get motivated to do something about it. The bottom line is this: If you believe your anxiety will keep escalating until you pass out, have a heart attack or go crazy, you inadvertently trigger a panic attack. Who wouldn’t be alarmed if they believed one of those outcomes was really about to happen?

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