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The “Work” of Worrying

Researchers theorize that there is a level of anxiety that is required to engage one’s coping resources. Worry, though uncomfortable, may well be necessary for effective coping.

“The Good News About Anxiety”

Under certain circumstances your level of fear is supposed to increase to uncomfortable levels. Every human being is ‘wired’ that way, and thank goodness.

“If we were right for each other we wouldn’t be having these problems and we should probably just get divorced!”

There is a very learnable process you can use when conflict arises that will keep it emotionally safe and result in feelings of understanding and real empathy.

“Our Marriage Problems Are All My Partner’s Fault & They Will Never Change!”

‘You can be right, or you can be married!’ Being able to put aside our defensive reactions and genuinely understand and be touched by each other’s suffering is a game changer. Many if not most couples cannot do this without professional help.

“Marriage…It’s Hard Work And We Should Be Able To Solve Our Own Problems!”

Wanting your marriage to succeed is the right motivation, but couples usually lack the knowledge about how to create trust, emotional safety, and intimacy in their marriage.

Marriage Counseling: Does It REALLY Work?

80% of divorcing couples never participated in marriage counseling yet of 20% who consult with a marriage counselor 70% report significant improvement in their marriage as a result. What is wrong with this picture?

Wellness Is More Than The Absence of Illness

The culprit in modern illness isn’t usually a germ. Many times it’s a habit, or even an attitude. Glenn Burdick, MA, LMSW discusses Wellness. People seem to describe wellness as a feeling that their body, mind and spirit are in tune with one another and with their environment. The goal of wellness education is to help you make your own image of well-being an ongoing reality.

Ann Arbor Therapist Blog: Welcome!

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